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Kiddy Winks is proud to announce we have recently achieved our 5-star food hygiene rating yet again, thanks to our fabulous Nursery Cook!

Healthy eating has many benefits for young children, it is important for children to receive nutritional meals in order to improve their minds and development, help to prevent a number of health conditions, as well as providing children with sufficient energy!

Our nursery cook, Pauline, prepares nutritious meals every day to ensure your child is receiving a balanced diet while at the nursery. Pauline has worked hard to create a menu that includes a number of healthy items, encouraging children to try new foods, while still making them appealing to even the fussiest of eaters. 

Children are also encouraged to participate in a number of baking activities. These are done as part of their planning and to encourage their involvement in the mixing and baking of meals. 

Our menu is updated a number of times throughout the year in accordance with the different seasons and adjusted for weather changes. Attached is a copy of the current spring menu of 2019.

Spring 2019 Menu (PDF — 49 KB)

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